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Frequently Asked Questions

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Fabrics, Cushions & Pillows

Any items found under the “Fabrics”, “Cushions” or “Pillows” category are individually classified depending on the item. One must read the description to understand what kind of material the item is made out of and how to care for such fabric. Finding out what the material is suitable for, will help you make sure you’re buying the right item for your needs. 

Indoor/Outdoor Fabric: Durable for outdoor use, but to ensure your pillow or fabric to last for years to enjoy, make sure they are not exposed to the elements such as rain, snow, or direct sun exposure for extended periods of time.

Sunbrella Fabric: Durable for outdoor use. Fade resistant, water resistant & mildew resistant. This fabric is great for complete outdoor use, areas where you get direct sunlight & easier to get clean. Sunbrella is fade, water & mildew resistant, NOT PROOF.

Cleaning Indoor/Outdoor & Sunbrella fabrics: Spot clean only. To clean the fabric of dirt and debris, use dawn dish liquid or other gentle cleaners & water and spot clean the areas needed. To clean the fabric of mildew, use 1 tbs of Clorox II (the powder version) to 1 gallon of water. This way it kills the mildew without bleaching your cushions.

The BEST way to keep your cushions in top notch condition is to bring them in when they are not being used. Try not to let them get wet, or sit in the elements for a long duration of time. This will expand the lifetime of your fabrics, cushions & pillows.

Real & Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Real wicker: Real wicker is made of all natural materials. Wicker reeds are wrapped over a rattan frame. Wicker furniture can be placed inside or outside on covered porches out of the direct elements. The maintenance on real wicker furniture is light hosing off or vacuum with a soft bristled brush. Re-painting if chipping occurs, which can happen if exposed to the elements. 

Please note: if you do decide to put real wicker outside, it is susceptible to paint chipping & rotting over time. 

Outdoor wicker: Outdoor wicker is PVC (fancy acronym for plastic) over an aluminum frame. Our wicker furniture is of the highest grade when it comes to outdoor furniture. An aluminum frame ensures there will be no rusting to our furniture. The PVC is UV protected and coated making it great for outdoor use. Outdoor wicker can be left outside entirely, but to prolong the life of your investment, it is better to either cover your furniture with the proper covers (sold on this site) or to bring your furniture into a covered & enclosed area.

Cleaning Wicker Furniture: Cleaning real wicker & outdoor furniture is easy. Take it outside, hose it off or clean it with a damp cloth.

Can you use outdoor wicker inside? Yes, you can. The only catch is outdoor wicker is made for outdoor use, so moisture is good for your furniture. So if you plan to use outdoor wicker inside, know that you should take it outside once a year, spray it down with the hose, and let it air dry in the sun.


Every piece of outdoor furniture has a 3-year warranty. That includes the furniture frame & webbing. There is no warranty on cushions or pillows.

Outdoor Rugs

All of our outdoor rugs are from Fab Habitat, a fantastic company that offers a variety of colors and patterns. All of our outdoor rugs are made from recycled plastic. Great for the environment and great for use outdoors. Clean the rugs by simply hosing them off. Please note: these rugs are only made from recycled plastic, we’ve experienced that dragging furniture or other heavy items across the rugs may cause ripping & tearing to the material.

Costume Jewelry

Most of the items that are found under the category, “jewelry” are classified as costume jewelry and are made of non precious metals (including nickel) sometimes gold-plated or silver-plated. 

Please note: we recommend you keep your metal separated; mixing them can cause the metal to turn. Also, a quick tip is to put your jewelry on last so your perfumes, hair sprays, etc. do not tarnish the metals. 

*Occasionally we do get in jewelry that is sterling silver & gold. We will indicate that in the description on the individual items. 

Removing Tags From Your Purchases

Please do not pull the tags, carefully remove them so it does not damage your item.

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